Pickford’s House

Pickford’s House is a historic Georgian townhouse located in Derby, England. It is a Grade I listed building and is currently operated as a museum by the Derby Museums Trust. The house is named after the famous 18th-century architect Joseph Pickford, who designed and built the property.

Built in 1770, Pickford’s House is a fine example of Georgian architecture. It showcases the elegance and grandeur of the period, with its symmetrical facade, sash windows, and ornate interior details. The house was originally constructed as a private residence for Joseph Pickford and his family.

Joseph Pickford was a prominent architect and builder in Derby during the 18th century. He was responsible for designing and constructing many notable buildings in the area, including the Derby Gaol and the Derby Infirmary. Pickford’s House was his own residence and also served as his architectural office.

The house remained in the Pickford family until the early 20th century when it was acquired by the Derby Corporation. It was then used for various purposes, including as a school and a registry office. In 1988, the house was restored and opened as a museum, showcasing the history and architecture of the Georgian era.

Visitors to Pickford’s House can explore the beautifully restored rooms and learn about the life and work of Joseph Pickford. The museum offers a glimpse into the daily life of a Georgian family, with period furniture, artwork, and decorative objects on display. The rooms are furnished to reflect the style and taste of the time, giving visitors a sense of the opulence and refinement of the Georgian period.

One of the highlights of a visit to Pickford’s House is the Drawing Room, which features an exquisite plasterwork ceiling and a collection of Georgian paintings. The Dining Room is another impressive space, with its elegant table set for a formal dinner. The museum also houses a collection of Georgian costumes, providing insight into the fashion of the era.

In addition to the permanent displays, Pickford’s House hosts temporary exhibitions and events throughout the year. These exhibitions often explore different aspects of the Georgian period, such as fashion, literature, and architecture. The museum also offers educational programs and workshops for both children and adults, allowing visitors to engage with the history and culture of the era in a hands-on way.

Pickford’s House is not only a museum but also a venue for special occasions and events. The elegant rooms can be hired for weddings, corporate events, and private functions, providing a unique and historic setting for any celebration.

Located in the heart of Derby, Pickford’s House is easily accessible and offers a fascinating insight into the Georgian period. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, or simply appreciate the beauty of a bygone era, a visit to Pickford’s House is a must. Immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of the Georgian era and discover the legacy of Joseph Pickford, one of Derby’s most influential architects.